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What to expect from Apple's WWDC: All AI updates!

Plus: Intel vs. AMD vs. NVIDIA

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We’ll discuss the big highlights to expect at Apple’s WWDC and the AI chip war heating between NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.

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1 big thing: What to expect from Apple’s AI-powered iOS 18 at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC is all set for next week.

Apple plans to reveal its integration of AI technology into its devices and software, including a notable partnership with OpenAI.

Here are some expected updates for iOS 18:

  • Siri Improvements: Siri will get an AI overhaul, allowing it to control app features without setup, perform tasks like deleting emails or editing photos, and offer more natural-sounding voices. Some features, like handling multi-step tasks, might be delayed until next year. Siri on Apple Watch will also improve.

  • Apple Photos: The Photos app will feature AI retouching, including a "Clean Up" tool to remove objects from photos, similar to Google Photos' Magic Eraser. An internal app called Generative Playground for creating and editing images might be integrated into iMessage.

  • Safari: A new Intelligent Search feature will provide AI summaries of web pages and news articles.

  • Notes: AI will offer recaps, transcribe audio, and solve equations. There's a code-named project, Greymatter, to integrate AI tools into Safari, Photos, and Notes.

  • Voice Memos: Real-time transcription will be added.

  • iMessages: Users will get generative AI emojis, AI text recaps, suggested replies, and deeper Siri integration. RCS support is expected to improve messaging with Android users.

  • Calendar and Mail: AI will help check events and suggest email replies.

  • Settings and Control Center: A revamped, more organized Settings interface and updates to the Control Center, including a new Music widget.

  • Notifications and Spotlight: AI will summarize missed notifications, and Spotlight search will be faster and more reliable.

  • Home Screen and Maps: Users can place app icons freely and change their color. Maps will support custom route creation.

  • Music: Apple Music may introduce AI-powered playlists to compete with Spotify.

Other apps like Freeform, Xcode, and productivity apps like Keynote and Pages may also get AI features.

Why this matters: Apple's emphasis on on-device AI processing and its partnership with OpenAI could differentiate its offerings on privacy and security. As a trendsetter, Apple's AI push in iOS 18 could accelerate mainstream AI adoption and spur innovations across various sectors.

Nvidia, AMD and Intel’s new chips spice up AI race for data centers

Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have separately launched their next generations of artificial intelligence (AI) chips in Taiwan, signaling an intensifying three-way competition in this space.

Here’s what you need to know about each firm:

  • AMD: CEO Lisa Su unveiled the MI325X accelerator chip for Q4 2024 and detailed plans for new MI350 in 2025 and MI400 in 2026, accelerating their AI chip roadmap to an annual release cycle.

  • Intel: CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the 6th Gen Xeon chips for data centers and the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator, claiming it is one-third cheaper than rivals like Nvidia's H100.

  • Nvidia: CEO Jensen Huang announced the company's most advanced AI chip platform called Rubin will roll out in 2026, succeeding the recently launched Blackwell chips for data centers.

Between the lines: The intense competition is driven by soaring demand for advanced chips used in data centers to power generative AI apps like ChatGPT.

Both AMD and Nvidia, led by Taiwanese-American CEOs, aim to leverage their GPU expertise to dominate the AI chip market, with AMD calling AI its "number one priority." 


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Everything you need to know today

  • Microsoft to invest $3.2 bln in Swedish cloud, AI: Expansion planned over 2 years, to train 250,000 Swedes with AI skills. [Link]

  • After raising $100M, AI fintech LoanSnap is being sued, fined, evicted. The company’s backers include Reid Hoffman, Richard Branson, and the Chainsmokers. [Link]

  • Windows AI feature that screenshots everything labeled a security ‘disaster’: A security researcher is concerned about Windows 11’s new Recall feature after testing. [Link]

  • The CEO of Zoom wants AI clones in meetings: Eric Yuan has big ambitions in enterprise software, including letting your AI-powered ‘digital twins’ attend meetings for you. [Link]

  • Amazon’s Project PI AI looks for product defects before they ship. [Link]

  • NVIDIA announced NVIDIA ACE generative AI microservices to accelerate the next wave of digital humans. [Link]

That’s a wrap! See you on Thursday for a fresh dose of AI Odyssey.