Sam Altman calls ChatGPT "dumbest"

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Let’s dive into today’s headlines!

Sam Altman calls ChatGPT dumbest

“GPT-4 is the dumbest model any of you will ever have to use again,” said the OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman

Altman said this when he was the guest speaker at the recently held Entrepreneurial Thought Leader (ETL) at Stanford University.

Altman says the future of AI is advancing rapidly and GPT-4 will soon be obsolete and much more capable AI systems will replace it. 

Moreover, he hinted at GPT-6 👀

“I think that among the most remarkable facts in human history is that we can just do something and we can say right now with a high degree of scientific certainty, GPT-5 is going to be a lot smarter than GPT-4. GPT-6 is going to be a lot smarter than GPT-5 and we are not near the top of this curve,” said Altman.

One more interesting assertion:

He said he is willing to spend $5 billion or even $50 billion a year, if needed, to make progress on AGI.

All in all, one thing’s for sure…Sam’s got a grand vision for advanced AGI and he plans to leave no stone unturned.

OpenAI’s search engine incoming…

Is it gonna be better than Google?

The company has registered a new domain name, “” along with a security certificate, all signals hitting at a potential release of an AI search engine. 

What will the ChatGPT search engine look like?

Well, imagine the best of Google and ChatGPT.

You not only get the AI summary as a result of your search query but also direct links if you need more info. (similar to what perplexity does)

And a win for OpenAI for a new revenue stream as they can display ads.

Current market share:

Google currently holds 90 percent of the search engine market share, followed by 10% by Bing. 

While this could be nothing, it could also hint that OpenAI’s first Google search-like product is about to go official in the next few days.

Cheaper cloud GPUs for AI are getting massively funded

The AI race is heating up. 🔥

And with it, the demand for hardware and cheaper alternatives is also heating up.

But GPUs are expensive. Renting GPU instances from the big giants like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure can get pretty pricey.

So most devs and organizations are now turning to the cloud instead.

A new wave of cloud upstarts are offering super-powered GPUs at way cheaper prices including CoreWeave, Lambda Labs, Voltage Park, and Together.

These alternative providers are raking in massive funding rounds, with CoreWeave alone raising a staggering $1.1 billion recently. 

Investors are betting big on the demand for GPU power staying strong as the generative AI hype continues.

What happens if this AI bubble bursts?

These alternative clouds could be left with a ton of expensive GPUs and not enough customers to justify the costs. 

But hey, for the time being, they're riding the wave and giving the big clouds a run for their money in the AI computing game.

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