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  • OpenAI's chief scientist leaves to build his own AI company...

OpenAI's chief scientist leaves to build his own AI company...

Plus: Snapchat's new AI+AR update 🫨

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We'll cover Snapchat's latest update, blending AI and AR, and spotlight a former OpenAI expert's new AI startup that explores uncharted territory. Stay tuned for exciting insights! 👀

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1 big thing: OpenAI’s former Chief Scientist is starting a new AI company

They all say to find a gap in the market and capitalize on it, that’s what Ilya Sutskever, the Co-Founder and former Chief Scientist of OpenAI did.

He recently announced the launch of a new AI startup: Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), dedicated to creating a powerful AI system with safety as its paramount concern. 

The big vision:

  • One goal, one product: SSI's business model is designed to shield safety, security, and progress from short-term commercial interests, allowing the company to scale its AI system in a secure and controlled manner.

  • Singular focus: SSI is committed to developing safe superintelligence as its sole product, emphasizing a focused and undistracted approach to AI development.

Founding team:

  • Ilya Sutskever: After leaving OpenAI in May, Sutskever is now spearheading this new venture, bringing his extensive experience in AI research.

  • Daniel Gross: A former AI lead at Apple, co-founding SSI alongside Sutskever.

  • Daniel Levy: Previously a member of the technical staff at OpenAI, joining SSI to help drive its mission.

Why this matters: SSI’s launch signifies a critical shift in the AI industry, where safety is being placed at the forefront of AI development. As major players like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft push the boundaries of AI capabilities, SSI’s commitment to safety over commercial gain sets a new standard for the balance between innovation and safety.

Snapchat AI turns prompts into a new lens

Snapchat’s biggest AI upgrade yet; the upcoming on-device AI model could transform your background — and your clothing —all in real-time based on text prompts.

This new feature promises to revolutionize how users create and interact with AR content on the platform.

Between the lines: While users will start seeing these innovative lenses in the coming months, creators will gain access to the model by the end of the year, allowing them to craft custom lenses from text prompts.

How does it work? 

  • Snapchat's new AI model can instantly alter a user's background and clothing. For example, entering a prompt like “50s sci-fi film” can transform the scene and outfit to match that theme in real time.

  • Creators can now generate 3D assets from text or image prompts, create detailed face masks and textures, and design 3D character heads that mimic user expressions.

  • The latest update to Lens Studio includes tools that let creators write prompts or upload images to create lenses that dramatically transform a user’s face.

Why it matters: Snapchat's new AI model opens up a world of creative possibilities, AI text prompts, and the updated Lens Studio tools with AR experiences. This blend of real-time transformation and creative freedom is set to enhance how users interact with Snapchat, making it a hub for innovative AR content.


Best ChatGPT prompt for writing effective CTAs

“Enhance customer-centric CTAs: Evaluate the current copy and offer suggestions for optimizing customer-centric calls-to-action to motivate customers to take action more effectively.”

Source: Great AI Prompts

💣 Latest AI hits: quick recap

  • Genspark, a new AI-powered search platform, taps generative AI to write custom summaries in response to search queries. It’s raised $60 million so far from investors. [Link]

  • France leads the pack for Generative AI funding in Europe. [Link]

  • Perplexity continues to scrape off data from publishers like Wired despite being asked NOT to. [Link]

  • AI startup Luma posted a series of videos created using its new video-generating tool Dream Machine, copying Disney’s IP. [Link]

  • Adobe says it won’t train AI using artists’ work. creatives aren’t convinced. [Link]

  • Former Cisco CEO: Nvidia's AI dominance mirrors Cisco's internet boom, but market dynamics differ. [Link]

  • AI governance a priority for UK business leaders in run-up to elections. [Link]

  • HPE and Nvidia team up on private cloud for Gen AI workloads. [Link]

That’s a wrap! See you on Monday for a fresh dose of AI Odyssey. 😎

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