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💬GPT-4o’s game-changing use cases...

Plus: OpenAI strikes Reddit deal to train its AI on your posts

Welcome back to AI Odyssey!

We're revamping our format to bring you the latest and greatest in AI. Today, we're diving into cutting-edge use cases for ChatGPT-4o to keep you ahead of the curve.

Plus, we’ve got major news: the EU's showdown with Microsoft over AI, and Reddit's data deal with OpenAI.

No more spoilers—let’s dive right in:

  • 5 game-changing uses for GPT-4o

  • Quick recap: Latest AI headlines

  • AI art: Is that a Pokémon?

  • 3 must-try AI tools

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OpenAI’s GPT-4o: 5 use cases you need to see!

It’s only been 7 days since OpenAI unveiled its most powerful model, GPT-4o, to the world.

The new model is even more powerful than GPT-4. 

And the best part? It’s accessible to all.

But only a few got to witness the multimodal capabilities. 

Bijin Hose tried the GPT-4o capabilities in some real-life scenarios, and here is a list of the best cases that we found impressive. 

  1. Interpret human faces: 

This takes AI bots to the next level. You can now read more about what a person is feeling looking at a photo, this shows how much AI is progressing that it's able to interpret every single facial expression differently.

All it takes is a simple prompt – “Interpret face at a human level”.

Within a few seconds, the chatbot analyzed the image and shared its interpretation. 

  1. Transcribing ancient handwritten notes:

We all remember the news when some college students decoded an ancient roman scroll using ChatGPT 

But now, a guy tried it firsthand by downloading an old image from the 19th century. 

And used the prompt, “What is this document? Transcribe it and help me understand it.”

GPT-40 flourished at the task and only had minor errors. 

 This feature could prove to be a boon for academicians and researchers. 

  1. Dietitian on the go:

ChatGPT can now be your personal dietician.

Whatever food you’re consuming, just take a snap and send it to ChatGPT to ask how many calories the food has.

The food ordered in the image is a meat curry that was dripping with oil, ghee, and spices. 

Regardless, this can turn out to be a savior for all health-conscious geeks.

It can give you an approximate range such as this:

  1. Be your navigation compass:

With GPT-4o’s vision capabilities, you can now find out about any location.

Explore historic monuments with GPT-4o as your guide

“While this was accurate, the first image uploaded came up with an unusual response. A few metres from Jama Masjid, I uploaded a picture of a busy alleyway with shops and food carts and asked – “I think I am lost, what part of Delhi could this be?”

GPT-4o responded by saying, “Based on the image, it looks like you might be in the Paharganj area of Delhi. Which was roughly 3km away from the spot”

So it’s right to say that its good at identifying the famous streets and monuments but not so good with the hidden alleyways and crowded streets with less visual signs to set them apart.

Regardless, this shows the potential of AI chatbots to help you navigate through unknown territories in the future. 

  1. Translation for travelers:

One of GPT-4's remarkable capabilities is its vision processing, allowing it to understand and respond to visual inputs such as images and screenshots.

To test its translation prowess, uploaded this image of a Turkish cigarette box to see how GPT-4 would handle it.

GPT-4 accurately translated the text.

This feature could be a lifesaver for solo travelers encountering situations where instant translation of signboards or text is necessary. 

GPT-4 supports over 50 languages, demonstrating significant advancements in non-English text processing, making it an invaluable asset for global exploration.

No more getting lost or accidentally ordering the wrong dish!

Moreover, GPT-4o is capable of analyzing almost any kind of picture. To test its contextual awareness, some users also uploaded an image of a dish and GPT-4o recognized what dish it is and where does it belonged. 

So, these are some cool new use cases of AI. We hope you enjoyed them! 

💣 Latest AI hits: Quick recap

  • OpenAI strikes Reddit deal to train its AI on your posts. [Link]

  • ChatGPT lets users upload from Google Drive and OneDrive directly. [Link]

  • Slack under attack over sneaky AI training policy. [Link]

  • OpenAI researcher resigns, claiming safety has taken ‘a backseat to shiny products’ [Link]

  • Sony Music warns AI companies against ‘unauthorized use’ of its content, sends letters to 700 tech companies and music streaming services. [Link]

  • EU threatens Microsoft until May 27th to hand over the information it needs to assess Bing’s generative AI features, or else face fines of up to 6% of the company’s global annual income. [Link]

  • We'll need universal basic income - AI 'godfather' [Link]

  • Anthropic hires Instagram co-founder as head of product. [Link]

  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on the company’s employee NDAs. [Link]

🍵 AI art to sip your coffee with…


*midnightcore pastel kiragami

This really looks like a cool water pokemon, right? 🌊

😍 AI tools to explore:

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That’s a wrap! See you on Monday for a fresh dose of AI Odyssey. 😎

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