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Google I/O 2024 leaked highlights 🫨

Plus: OpenAI considers allowing AI porn

Welcome back to AI Odyssey!

🐌The last few days have been a little slow in AI but there’s always something interesting brewing right around the corner.

Let’s get right into the top headlines:

  • Google I/O 2024 will be all about AI again

  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT announcement: What we know so far

  • Will using AI at work get you fired? 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report is here.

Google I/O 2024 will be all about AI again

Last year, Google debuted Gemini.

This year, Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, is all prepared to take place next week on May 14th.

What are the highlights?

  • The main focus will be on artificial intelligence (AI) and how Google is integrating its latest AI models like Gemini into products like Search, Maps, Android and the Pixel smartphone.

  • Expect updates on AI capabilities coming to search to enable conversational practice, image generation for shopping, and virtual try-on.

  • Google Maps may get new AI features to help with dining, shopping, finding EV chargers and even calling businesses.

👀 Debut of a new, more personal version of its digital assistant:

A new personal AI assistant called "Pixie" powered by Gemini could debut, turning the Pixel into more of an AI gadget with multimodal capabilities.

What can it do? Features like the ability to take pictures of objects to learn how to use them or get directions to a place to buy them.

Will there be Hardware at I/O?

Leaked image of the Pixel 9. Image: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles

While unlikely, Google may tease upcoming hardware like the Pixel 9, Pixel Tablet 2 and a follow-up to the Pixel Fold.

AI will be the overarching theme as Google aims to integrate its latest generative AI models across its ecosystem of apps and services.

Where can you watch Google I/O 

Google I/O kicks off on Tuesday, May 14th at 1PM ET with a keynote talk. 

You can catch that on Google’s site or its YouTube channel (There’s also a version with an American Sign Language interpreter.)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT announcement: What we know so far

If you haven’t heard already…

OpenAI has a livestreamed announcement planned for tonight at 10 a.m. PT but it’s trying to keep expectations under control.

CEO Sam Altman has tried to manage expectations, saying it's "not GPT-5" and "not a search engine", though they have been working on "some new stuff" he thinks people will love.

Reports had suggested OpenAI could announce an AI-powered search product integrated with Bing to rival Google Search. However, Altman's messaging implies it may not be a full-fledged search engine, but rather a way for ChatGPT to search the web and cite sources.

There are also reports that OpenAI has been developing an AI voice assistant product. 👀

Well, keep your ears and eyes peeled for tonight’s livestreamt to catch what’s the next big announcement. You can watch on the OpenAI website.

Will using AI at work get you fired?

The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report from Microsoft and LinkedIn just came to light and it shows a surprising shift in jobs.

Let’s hear it from both workers' and leader’s side.

From the report, one thing’s clear: Workers want AI at work.

  • As per the report, 75 percent of ‘knowledge workers’ globally are using Generative AI.  

  • 53 percent of AI users worry that if their employer finds out, it could signal they are replaceable. 

  • 78 percent of the respondents brought their own AI to work while 52 percent of people admit using AI for their most important tasks. 

This shows that without proper guidance from the top, employees are taking matters into their own hands and using AI under wraps which risks company data. 

Leader’s take:

  • 66% of leaders say they wouldn’t hire someone without AI skills, yet only 39 percent provide training for it, and 60 percent of leaders worry their AI strategies are insufficient.

  • 71% said they would rather hire a less experienced person with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them.

  • 55% of leaders expressed concern about having enough talent to fill roles. 

Clearly, acquiring AI skills has become key for job seekers.

The way forward:

Companies should work on implementing better AI training programs and establishing clear guardrails rather than overlooking the technology. At the same time, employees should strategically use AI to boost productivity, not letting it secretly become a fear of obsolescence. 

💣 Latest AI hits: Quick recap

  • Arm Holdings, owned by SoftBank Group,  plans to launch AI chips in 2025. [Link]

  • OpenAI considers allowing AI porn. [Link]

  • Google partners with Airtel to offer cloud and genAI products to Indian businesses. [Link]

  • Buymeacoffee’s founder has built an AI-powered voice note app. [Link]

  • Microsoft has reaffirmed its ban on U.S. police departments from using generative AI for facial recognition. [Link]

  • Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, open-sourced a meeting summarizer app called Distill. [Link]

  • The CEOs of Dropbox and Figma have invested in Lamini, a startup building generative AI tech. [Link]

🍵 AI art to sip your coffee with…


Solar storm hits Earth

😍 AI tools to explore:

  • 🚀BoodleBox: All AIs in one platform for teams
    The simplest, most secure AI collaboration platform with top AI tools – ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, Llama, Perplexity, DALLE, SDXL– and 1,000+ custom GPTs. Make better decisions, personalize results, and cut costs when your team, AIs, and docs work together.

  • 🎥Smartrazor: Edit YouTube videos in half the time
    Smartrazor is a tool to help talking head style YouTubers edit their videos way faster, by automating the process of clipping A-roll (and B-roll in the future!).

  • 🎨Musho: Your new AI design assistant
    Musho is so much more than a design tool—think of it as your go-to creative assistant in Figma that turns simple prompts into gorgeous websites. 💛

That’s a wrap! See you on Thursday for a fresh dose of AI Odyssey. 😎

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