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Blurry videos ➡️HD videos: Adobe’s impressive AI upgrade

Plus: A guide to the latest trending AI gadget

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There’s a buzz around town about a new gadget grabbing everyone's attention... Zuckerberg just dropped some intriguing insights on Meta’s AI-driven revenue model, and Adobe's latest AI upgrades are turning heads! 🔥

Let’s dive straight in.


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What is Rabbit R1: The new unfinished AI gadget

If you’ve never heard of Rabbit R1, this is the perfect starter for you.

Let’s start with some backstory: It’s a rare AI startup that managed to sell 40,000 units of its standalone $199 R1 gadget within eight days of launching this January.

What does it do?

  1. It’s a virtual assistant

  2. It interacts with common apps like Spotify and Uber to get things done; from sending messages, controlling music, making online purchases, and more.

  3. It’s half the size of an iPhone: featuring a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a scrolling navigation wheel, and a rotating camera.

Now, this device has quickly become one of the biggest stories at CES.

So far, the good news is it does a solid job with basic AI questions but the bad news is it can’t send emails or make spreadsheets.

Here’s a cool video of it taking notes:

All in all, we think it's a cool fun toy (and not another epic fail like Humane AI pin), you know?

P.S. If you wanna check out a detailed review, here’s one.

Blurry videos ➡️ HD videos: Adobe’s impressive AI upgrade 

Upscaling blurry images up to 8x times is the dream of many creators.

Adobe’s latest generative AI called VideoGigaGAN can upscale 8x the original resolution, making this dream come true.

What’s so different about other upscaling methods?

  1. While they are effective for images, they struggle to do the same for video without introducing flickering and other unwanted artifacts. 

  2. Aren’t as sharp and detailed.

  3. Adobe claims it can provide more fine-grained details without introducing any “AI weirdness” to the footage.

The company has provided several examples here that show its work in full resolution.

On a closer look…

When the videos are magnified, it's clearly visible that some of the tiny details like skin texture and creases are AI-generated. But on a broader look, the results are very impressive.

Final words:

It was bound to happen now that AI was capable of doing so much with Images.

8 times is a big number, and big numbers bring big expectations. The results seem promising as well. Will have to see how creators use it and how well it holds up to the expectations.

To be noted: This is only a research preview, so there’s no guarantee that Adobe will make VideoGigaGAN available to consumers via Creative Cloud software like Premiere Pro. 

“It will take Meta years to make money from generative AI” Zuckerberg

With so many brands jumping on the AI bandwagon daily, it's natural to question how many are actually making a penny out of it.

Meta’s first-quarter earnings report came yesterday. 

Looking at the numbers, Meta’s net income has grown more than $12 billion on $36.5 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone. That’s quite profitable!

But going forward, their plan is to:

  • Spend more than ever on AI.

  • Monetize its widely available AI assistant.

  • Improve the quality of its ads with Meta AI.

This approach puts Meta on a different path than OpenAI, which has, so far, resisted advertising as a business model in favor of subscriptions.

What’s Zuckerberg’s bullish on?

The company’s smart glasses with Ray-Ban

On the call, he said they are sold out in “many styles and colors”.

💣 Latest AI hits: Quick recap

  • UK probes Amazon and Microsoft over AI partnerships with Mistral, Anthropic, and Inflection. [Link]

  • Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet. [Link]

  • Drake threatened with lawsuit over diss track featuring AI Tupac. [Link]

  • Apple’s new AI model hints at how AI could come to the iPhone. [Link]

  • Coca-Cola has made a $1.1 billion commitment to the Microsoft Cloud and the company’s generative AI capabilities.  [Link]

  • Nvidia acquires AI workload management startup Run:ai for $700M. [Link]

  • Apple has acquired another AI startup. [Link]

  • Adobe’s next big project is an AI that can upscale low-res video to 8x its original quality. [Link]

AI art to sip your coffee with…

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AI Deep Dives: Food for thought 💭

For when you feel like exploring the deep effects of AI:

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