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Apple will NOT ‘pay’ OpenAI for ChatGPT ❌

Plus: Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board

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We’ll discuss a twist in the OpenAI + Apple’s relationship announced at the WWDC and the new security leader at OpenAI. 👀

1 big thing: Apple to NOT ‘pay’ OpenAI for ChatGPT

Recently announced at Apple's WWDC, the tech giant is teaming up with OpenAI to bring the popular ChatGPT chatbot to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

But, here’s a twist:

  • No cash, just collaboration: OpenAI isn’t getting any money in return. Apple and OpenAI are betting on mutual benefits. Apple gets to integrate a cutting-edge chatbot, and OpenAI gets exposure to millions of Apple users. Apple believes that pushing OpenAI’s technology on its vast array of devices is more valuable than a direct payment.

  • Monetizing ChatGPT: While the integration is free for now, there’s potential to convert free users to paid ChatGPT accounts, with Apple getting a slice of the pie. More users mean higher costs for OpenAI, as they pay Microsoft to host ChatGPT on Azure. But the exposure could be worth it.

  • Multiple AI options: Just like you can choose your search engine in Safari, soon you might choose between different AI chatbots on your Apple devices. Apple is also talking to Google about offering their Gemini chatbot and considering partnerships with companies like Anthropic.

Why this matters: This partnership is more than just a new feature. It’s about how tech giants are rethinking collaboration and integration in the AI era. For users, it means more powerful tools at their fingertips. For the industry, it sets a precedent for future innovations in AI and digital assistance.

Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board

OpenAI has welcomed Paul M. Nakasone, the former head of the National Security Agency (NSA), to its board of directors.

Why Paul M. Nakasone?

Paul M. Nakasone directed the NSA from 2018 until February this year, bringing a wealth of experience in cybersecurity to OpenAI.

Nakasone will join OpenAI’s Safety and Security Committee, focusing on using AI to bolster cybersecurity by detecting and responding to threats swiftly.

Between the lines: The addition comes amidst concerns about safety at OpenAI, highlighted by the recent departures of key figures like Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, who cited a shift in focus towards product development over safety.

Nakasone joins a diverse board that includes tech leaders and experts like Sam Altman, Adam D’Angelo, and Bret Taylor. The board also features Dr. Sue Desmond-Hellmann, Nicole Seligman, Fidji Simo, and Larry Summers, with Microsoft’s Dee Templeton as a non-voting observer.

Why it matters: Bringing in a high-profile cybersecurity expert like Nakasone signals OpenAI's serious approach to safety and security. As AI technology rapidly evolves, ensuring its secure and ethical deployment is crucial. This move not only strengthens OpenAI’s leadership but also reassures stakeholders that the company is committed to mitigating risks and maximizing the positive impact of AI on society.


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Source: Great AI Prompts


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