10 BIG AI updates from WWDC 🤯

Plus: Musk reacts to the Apple 🤝 OpenAI

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We'll dive into the latest AI highlights from Apple's WWDC and Elon Musk's surprising reaction to Apple's new AI partnership. 👀

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1 big thing: Apple Intelligence is HERE!

Apple’s WWDC keynote was A LOT about AI. It was really clever to wrap all AI updates into Apple Intelligence updates. Let’s get into it.

Here are 10 AI highlights YOU need to know:

Apple intelligence will enable your iPhone iPad and Mac to understand and create language as well as images and take action for you to simplify interactions across your apps.

Let’s expand on every AI update:

  • Prioritize notifications so you don’t miss the most important ones! And reduce interruptions with understanding personal context. 

  • Brand new writing tools to rewrite proofread and summarize text for you

  • AI images: Sketch, illustrate, and animate. This experience is built into apps throughout the system like Notes. 

  • Action: Just ask to pull up the files Josh sent last week, the podcast your wife sent yesterday, or ask to see pictures of you and your daughter.

  • Increased privacy with AI: Apple Intelligence protects user privacy by processing data on-device when possible, only sending minimal relevant data to secure Apple servers for tasks requiring more computing power.

  • Natural Siri: Thanks to richer language understanding capabilities, you can Siri more naturally. Also maintains conversational context, so you can follow up with questions. More features like on-screen awareness will be rolled out to make Siri more capable.

  • Genmoji: Using Apple Intelligence, you can create Genmoji - right from your keyboard to match any moment perfectly. 

  • Image Playground: No need to engineer the perfect prompt. Just, choose from a range of concepts like themes, costumes, and place and you’ll get a preview of what that image could look like. There’s a dedicated app to explore it further. 

  • A new tool in Notes: It’s called Image Wand, it can transform a rough sketch into a polished image that complements your notes. You can even Circle empty space and it will pull out context from the surrounding area to suggest the ideal image to go with your note.

  • AI Photos update: The new cleanup tool will identify distracting objects in the background so you can make them disappear plus searching for photos and videos is much more convenient because you can use natural language phrases to find a particular moment in the middle of a video clip, thanks to AI.

Why this matters: Apple’s AI updates are not just about adding new features; they are about transforming how users interact with their devices. By making technology more intelligent, intuitive, and secure, Apple is paving the way for a future where our devices are true personal assistants, enhancing our productivity and creativity.

Elon Musk's response to the Apple + OpenAI partnership…

Elon Musk’s response to the Apple + OpenAI partnership feels overblown.

What’s happening?

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over Apple's new integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Apple announced at WWDC 2024 that Siri can use ChatGPT for help if users permit it. Musk fears this could compromise user privacy, believing OpenAI would have deep access to personal data. He insists that ChatGPT should remain a separate app, not integrated with Siri.

Between the lines: Musk criticized Apple, calling the integration "bullshit" and accusing them of compromising privacy by handing data to OpenAI. He even threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies if Apple doesn’t stop the integration. 

Apple claims that any use of ChatGPT is user-approved and data is not stored or logged by OpenAI. Despite this, Musk argues that Apple can't guarantee privacy once data is sent to OpenAI.

Why it matters: Apple's new feature will be available later this year on newer devices and will allow users to access ChatGPT without needing a separate app. Users can opt in to connect their ChatGPT accounts for enhanced features, with assurances from Apple and OpenAI about privacy protection.


Best ChatGPT prompt for business proposals 

“Write a business proposal for launching a new line of eco-friendly products [ideas of products you are thinking of], detailing the market demand, competitive analysis, and sustainability benefits.”

Source: Great AI Prompts


Everything you need to know today

  • Meta to use Instagram and Facebook posts from as far back as 2007 to train artificial intelligence tools. [Link]

  • Apple confirms plans to work with Google’s Gemini ‘in the future.’ [Link]

  • DuckDuckGo will now allow you to anonymously use ChatGPT, Claude and Meta AI for free. [Link]

  • OpenAI Sora’s biggest rival is here: Chinese AI model Kling creates videos with more accuracy. [Link]

  • Salesforce to open first AI centre in London. [Link]

  • Adobe Experience Platform AI assistant now available to everyone. [Link]

That’s a wrap! See you on Thursday for a fresh dose of AI Odyssey.